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IrfanView 4.37

IrfanView 4.37 Free Download

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The photo editor that every beginner wants on his computer


IrfanView is a free image editor which allows you to provide a personal touch to your photos. From adding frames and borders to taking screenshots, this software is a complete tool for those who enjoy retouching and enhancing photos in a very easy way. That’s one of the main advantages of this editor; its simplicity. Many users usually complain about the difficulty of using other editors because they’re really complicated or difficult; IrfanView most definitely is not.

This program is a comprehensive tool for those who enjoy retouching and enhancing photos in a very easy and effective way

However, you can still decide what level of difficulty you want to have because it allows you to include plugins (which will be detailed below) to develop and expand it's capabilities, and to customize it according to your preferences. When you download it and run it for the very first time, you might think that it doesn’t have any options because its main interface will be plain, empty, and with only a toolbar. Don’t worry! The moment you open any picture you'll instantly discover that the program's menu will offer you lots of choices.

In our tests, we decided to click on some thumbnails and we opened some photos. IrfanView automatically re-sized, flipped, converted and cropped them, so it’s a very clever tool for beginners. It also provides the most common features you will need to enhance pictures, like removing red-eye, correcting color or creating negatives, among others, while this software also allows you to create panoramic images, which is quite an interesting feature. Don't worry though if you feel a bit lost when using the software at the beginning as it includes a full manual, FAQs, online resources and a list of keyboard shortcuts.

It provides the most common features you will need
It provides the most common features you will need

Other characteristics

IrfanView allows you to add free plugins to improve it. The most important ones, which are included when you get the program, are Paint, Effects, Icons, Ansi2Unicode, Slideshow-EXE, Tools, RegionCapture and Video. Also, you can download new ones such as AltaLux (to use AltaLuz effect in your photos), AWD (which allows you to read Artweaver files), CADImage (opportunity to read HPGL/DXF/ CGM/ DWG/SVG files), DICOM (DCM/ACR/IMA formats support), EMAIL (send images as emails) or FLASH (Shockwave/Flash/FLV format support).

Our personal advice is that some of these plugins are must-haves and need on your computer, such as EFFECTS, FORMATS, IMPDF and MP3. The first one, EFFECTS, includes several new photo effects and Adobe Photoshop 8BF filters. The second one is related to the allowed formats, as its name suggests and will enable you to read many different picture formats such as XPM, SGI, RLE, PIC, FITS, G3, RAS and PVR among others.

IMPDF will let you read PDF files which, at the beginning, can appear strange, but it’s quite useful for many users. Finally, MP3, as its name suggests, allows you to reproduce MP3/MP2/MP1 files. You have to be careful which one you want and check the required version, because if IrfanView is not updated they might not work properly.

IrfanView 4.37 Features

IrfanView includes the following features:

  • Many formats supported such as BMP, DIB, EMF, ICO, JP2 and J2K among others
  • Multilanguage support
  • Fast directory view which allows you to move easily through the directory
  • Multimedia player
  • The option tochange picture colour, removing red-eye, cutting and cropping among others
  • Add watermarks to your photos
  • Lossless JPG rotation
  • The possibility of getting free plugins to take full advantage of this program
  • The option of adding effects such as Blur, Adobe 8BF, Unlimited filters and Sharpen among others

If you want to read more about this software, you can do it at the developer’s website by clicking

System requirements

If you want to download IrfanView, we recommend you to read the system requirements beforehand:

  • Operating System: Windows NT or higher
  • CPU: 386, 25 MHz or compatible
  • RAM: 12MB
  • HDD: 90 MB

free download


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